amazing- render of the interior-spiral

Activity Cave


Date: 2013

Status: Competition Entry

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Program: Office, Climbing, Fitness, Spa, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Exhibition, Activity Garden

Size: 7500 m2

Exhibition: Collider Activity Center Competition Exhibition

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey

Collaborators: David Vera


Three organizational devices define this center for sport and interaction. The Cave provides a large space to combine various forms of climbing and bouldering within one space. The Promenade provides a foyer and public route that crosses through the Activity Garden, and connects with the Café and Restaurant. The Exhibition Spiral at the center of the building brings in light for office and sport activities while connecting the various split levels. The Roof Garden provides views towards Mount Vitosha, the Foothills and the Activity Garden. Offices are split between two levels to separate cellular and open studio arrangements. Executive offices are provided with panoramic views over Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia.

cave- promenade and spiral

The new Activity Cave is located between four urban and natural landscapes.



smassing and cave concept

A generic urban block crossbred with the impressive Devetashka Cave.


volume modifications

street- entrance

activity garden

The Activity Garden provides a range of public outdoor amenities, including a Beach, Pool, Rock Climbing Pinnacle, Solo Competition Wall, Running/Walking/Cycling Path, Stage and Amphitheater, Forest, High Rope Course, Rock Garden Bouldering Area, Beach Volleyball, Playground and Zip Line.


program organization

the cave at night

short description of the image

As the Promenade crosses the Activity Cave via a raised bridge, visitors can observe the sport pursuits from a safe distance.



Lobby render


section A

Looking up render

The central Activity Cave is filled with light. Visitors can closely observe the sport from various moments along the Exhibition Spiral.



plan level +1


short description of the image

plan level +2

section D

render ofthe stair and climbing

The Exhibition Spiral, with a large skylight above, brings light into the center of the offices and allows for connections between the people designing climbing wall products and the athletes who are using them.

plan +3

section E

view corridors

rooftop party render

The surfaces of the Roof Terrace and the sky merge together, and visitors can enjoy views to the impressive Mount Vitosha.



overhead door render