SPECTACLE is an internationally oriented architecture office working across the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and object design. As generalists we approach diverse project types and scales with a balance of expert knowledge and innovational thinking, constantly re-evaluating the potential and manifestation of architectural types and hybridizations.

We enthusiastically seek out the ambiguous gaps between the sublime and the everyday, strategic tactics and intuitive reactions, theory and execution, high and low culture, opportunistic maximization and long term strategies, the study of history and the pursuit of progress, the discipline of architecture and its professional practice. Without differentiating between the playful and the professional, or seeing a contradiction between lateral architectural thinking and proficiency, SPECTACLE seeks opportunities to create works of architecture that critically examine and influence our cities.

The founding partners have worked with notable offices in Calgary, Montreal, Barcelona and Rotterdam. The work of SPECTACLE has been exhibited in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Sao Paulo, Buffalo, Sofia, Los Angeles, London and Cambridge. In addition, the founding partners previously collaborated with other firms on exhibitions in Calgary, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Ljubljana, Beijing and Shanghai.