Badlands Motorsports Resort - Phase 1


Ancient buildings, such as the Roman Circus, framed racing activities within the boundaries of architecture. Today, the speed and scale of modern race courses extend beyond architecture, and relate directly with their surrounding landscapes. Architecture at this scale becomes an object to move around, to move past, and to move through.

Architecture and vehicles have always had a unique connection; architecture is often the backdrop that frames beautiful cars in advertisements, and architectural photographs often feature luxury cars next to exclusive villas. How to create spaces that frame and compliment the movement of cars, and architecture that is meant to be viewed at different speeds? How to enhance the experience of racing by providing a unique race course that weaves between buildings and landscapes?

Just as different car brands are associated with different identities, lifestyles and preferences, each building or cluster of buildings is designed to take on an individual and unique identity that results from a combination of location, such as varying topography, vegetation, views, and microclimate, and program variation, such as maisonettes, flats, lofts, villas, and row houses. This variety creates an intriguing sense of discovery as you move through the site, as well as a form of wayfinding at the speed of a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver.



The concept for the racing buildings at the Resort inverts the idea of a Roman circus, where architecture frames racing activities, inside out. Roof terraces, long galleries and extensive glass gives guests panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and racing courses.


The Tribune Building is the center of racing activities in the Resort. The concept for the building includes three zones, stacked vertically. The Concourse level provides the majority of public program areas, with a perimeter circulation ring and observation area that enjoys views in all directions.



The Car Condos Building is the largest building on the site and provides a critical mix of track support programs in a completely unique typology.


The Car Condos Building includes customized Car Villa storage and workshop spaces in a village-like setting on the roof as well as secure parking stalls and storage lockers below.


The Hotel is the center for activities beyond racing.


Four themed wings extend from a central reception lobby: An Arrival Circle for car circulation and display faces the road and provides a see-and-be-seen area for arrival and departure, the Restaurant and Terrace face the Rosebud River Valley, the Spa faces the Canyon, and the Children’s Area including Daycare faces the Beach and Outdoor Pool.



By creating four wings, light conditions are enhanced and views are possible from any point in the building. Facing the resulting wings to the surroundings creates a direct connection between the interior activities and the surroundings.


On the main floor, the Spa faces towards a canyon in the natural landscape. Above on the upper levels, 100 hotel rooms provides views in all directions.

















Date: 2014-17

Status: Master Plan, Schematic Design

Location: Canadian Badlands

Program: Racing Facilities, Car Condos, Retail, Administration, Viewing Decks and Platforms, Multi- and Single-Family Residential, Clubhouse

Size: 160ha.

Team: Philip Vandermey, Jessie Andjelic, Khuyen Kuong, Marina Tolj, Justin Loucks, Philip Mallysh, Kinan Hewitt, Christopher Herman, Jamie McFayden