Beveridge Block


Date: 2013

Status: Exhibition

Location: Medicine Hat, Canada

Program: Restaurant, Bar, Brewery, Office, Rooftop Cafe

Size: 2485 m2

Exhibition: Thinking Hat

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey


The Beveridge Block, originally a retail space for displaying and selling furniture, was reprogrammed by this project into an event space with restaurant, bar, brewery and creative incubator. Our design maintains the large volume directly inside the front entrance and provides amenities so that it can function variously as a dining area, grand café / bar, tasting room, exhibition space and concert venue. The scissor stair and elevator at the back of the building solves all the circulation and safety / exiting requirements without disrupting this central space. A rooftop terrace with café provides a 360 degree view of the adjacent river valley and city center, and is connected to the incubator floor by a raked seating area for intimate outdoor lectures and concerts.


Modernization of the circulation and services allows for a number of interrelated and synergistic programs.



ground floor variations