Bijlmer More


Date: 2017

Status: Competition

Location: H-buurt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Program: Housing, Production (small scale manufacturing and retail), Community Services

Size: 2.9 ha. project site; 36 ha. strategic site

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Elena Bushell



The H-buurt site poses two difficult questions - how to improve and intensify an area within a large housing estate, and how to introduce productivity into a primarily mono-functional residential area?

Before proposing solutions, we studied both the history of the site and its current situation. Home Along The Range hinges on two main observations. The first is that the area has a high turnover and many so-called “social climbers” prefer to leave the neighborhood. The constantly changing residency resulting from this high turnover tends to concentrate poverty and undermine the strength of social and economic networks.

The second observation is that the utopian ideas of collective living in Bijlmer, described by Frank Wassenberg as an “experimental garden”, have generally not come to fruition. Many residents report a feeling of anonymity and isolation. We attribute the failure of the collective vision to mono-functionality, a lack of diversity in housing types, a lack of employment options within the district, and a lack of urbanity and collective social amenities, among other shortcomings.

In response, we propose two main strategies. The first is to provide a variety of mechanisms to encourage people to stay within the area rather than leaving, including the introduction of a vibrant spectrum of housing typologies and productive mixed-uses, such as living, working, and collective city life. These different uses are designed to be mutually-beneficial and mutually-supportive, and existing in close proximity, in order to create productive crossovers.

The second is to break the monumental scale of both the public spaces and buildings by introducing new and diverse urban patterns and building typologies that frame a variety of public spaces and introduce mixes and frictions - productive conflicts, negotiations, and city-life.


Timeline of events in the Bijlmer neighourbood and surrounding areas










Level +1 Plan - Productive Kasbah



Level 0 Plan - Constructive Platform