Educational Oversight


Date: 2013

Status: Lecture, Exhibition

Location: Calgary, Canada

Program: Office, Retail, Retrofit

Size: 260 000m2

Exhibition: Brutal Intentions - Building Curiosity

Lecture: Re: Education - Dtalks Iconomy Pecha Kucha Volume 3

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey


In 2013 SPECTACLE joined with two other Calgary firms to explore the possibility of maximizing the density of the CBE site while still maintaining this important architectural monument. Other contributors to the event included David Down, MODA, Nyhoff Architecture, Leanne Junnila, Lindsay Horan, Kyle May and Michael Abrahamson.

By creating three schemes, we were able to show that it is both possible and beneficial to preserve the existing building - preservation through development. Educational Oversight takes the Vancouverism model and forces it high into the air to maintain a public museum to celebrate the CBE. This former headquarters is re-imagined as a museum as well, providing Calgary with its first world-class contemporary arts facility.

the model

Educational Oversight hovers over the former Calgary Board of Education administration building, framing a new public plaza beneath a raised mixed-use plinth and tower arrangement.

towers in the air

Mies plus preservationism.

longitudinal section

Galleries for large format works are created by strategically removing walls and floors of the existing building.