Brutal Intentions - Iconomy - with d.talks at Stride Gallery Calgary


In partnership with d.talks, SPECTACLE exhibited Building Curiosity at the Stride Gallery which included process work leading up to three design proposals for the development of the Calgary Board of Education Building site.


Border Lands and Delugional Calgary - Future Voice: Situating Architecture - Future Voice Pavilion on Stephen Avenue Calgary


SPECTACLE contibued work to a national ideas forum that explored the future of architecture and the city. Border Lands and Delugional Calgary were publicly exhibited on the Future Voice Pavilion on Stephen Avenue during the 2015 RAIC / AAA Festival of Architecture.



SPECTACLE curated and participated in OPEN HOUSE as part of the 2015 RAIC / AAA Festival of Architecture, with film installation _EST and Skyline of Calgary hats.


Immaculate Reception - Archtriumph Pavilion Opening Event - Museum Gardens London


The competition entry Immaculate Reception exhibited at the opening event of the 2015 Archtriumph Sky Pavilion.



SPECTACLE presented and exhibited several case studies that examine the relationship between the 2013 floods in Calgary and urbanism.



Rio de Inverso, submitted to the 2013 Cityvision competition “Sick and Wonder”, was exhibited along with other competition entries at WUHO Gallery in Los Angeles. WUHO is Woodbury University’s center for experimental exhibitions and multi-disciplinary collaborations.



Building Curiosity is the exhibition extension of the research and projects presented at the D.talks event Iconomy, held on September 5 2013 at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.


Thinking Hat celebrates Medicine Hat’s existing downtown while proposing delightful strategies for its ongoing reactivation.


activity cave render


Activity Cave, a collaboration with David Vera, among other competition entries exhibited in Sofia Bulgaria.



Meta Vancouverism, Vancouver Islands and Existenz Maximum, collaborations with Buro AD, on exhibition in Vancouver, along with other competition entries.



Small Box was exhibited along with other shortlisted projects at several galleries across North America as part of the exhibition CRSC Strip Appeal.