Date: 2013

Status: Lecture, Exhibition

Location: Calgary, Canada

Program: Office, Retail, Preservation

Size: 260 000m2

Exhibition: Brutal Intentions - Building Curiosity

Lecture: Re: Education - Dtalks Iconomy, Pecha Kucha Volume 3

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey


In 2013 SPECTACLE joined with two other Calgary firms to explore the possibility of maximizing the density of the CBE site while still maintaining this important architectural monument. Other contributors to the event included David Down, MODA, Nyhoff Architecture, Leanne Junnila, Lindsay Horan, Kyle May and Michael Abrahamson.

By creating three schemes, we were able to show that it is both possible and beneficial to preserve the existing building - preservation through development. Hourglasses manipulates two twin towers on the site to maintain the existing axial connections, while introducing promenade of public spaces. At the point the towers touch in the middle, a mixed use program provides an elevated “plinth”, and the CBE is reimagined as a space for shopping - the private sphere invades the public.


shopping of man

Shopping of Man.

(Family of Man Sculpture by Mario Hubert Armengol, 1967).


 The Invasion of Shopping.



diagram 1

diagram 2



axonometric site plan

longitudinal section

A raised common space provides elevated retail and cultural program. Reprogrammed Calgary Board of Education Administration Building stands in for the ubiquitous tower plinth.


hourglass from the street

Calgary Board of Education or Calgary Bored of Education? Shopping provides a new and exciting lunchtime destination!