plaza render

Small Box


Date: 2011

Status: Competition (Short List), Publication, Exhibition

Program: Retail, School, Greenhouse, Storage

Size: 4500m2

Exhibition: CRSC Strip Appeal

Publication: Strip Appeal Book: Reinventing the Strip Mall

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Broadacre City was envisioned as a low-density, car-oriented, yet vibrant community; a multifunctional and productive landscape with gardens, orchards, light industry, and urban facilities located within or nearby. Actual suburban morphologies, on the other hand, are generally the monofunctional, peripheral and parasitic result of various forms of production in the city without significantly contributing to that production. In fact, due to the extension of the city as a result of sprawl, the suburbs have increasingly swallowed public amenities into the single family house. We asked ourselves, can the Strip Mall typology - a small scale, distributed and embedded retail element that stands in contrast to the enormous Category Killer / Big Box - provide an opportunity to re-imagine the suburbs as the type of landscapes Wright had in mind?