Sub Marine House


Date: 2015

Status: Research, Exhibition, Lecture

Location: Calgary, Canada - or - Drifting

Program: House, Aquatic Vessel

Size: 150m2

Exhibition: Delugional Calgary - Urban Emergencies : Emergent Urbanism (UE:EU)

Lecture: Delugional Calgary - UE:EU

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Phillip Mallysh, Jamie McFadyen


In 2013 Southern Alberta was inundated by heavy floods. 100000 people were evacuated in what turned out to be the most expensive disaster in Canadian history. Once the waters subsided, attention was shifted towards repairing the damage and preparing for future floods, including funds to repair public and private buildings and infrastructure.


In order to qualify for disaster relief funds, private owners of flooded properties in Calgary were given two choices: undertake mitigation measures or relocate. Sub Marine House eliminates this dilemma altogether - owners can both mitigate AND migrate!


A double-reinforced hull provides compartmentalized spaces for water processing, waste management, emergency airlock capsule, ballast stability, anchorage, and kennel storage for household pets. On the main level, a secondary airlock provides access and egress. The reinforced front door doubles as a gangway. All windows are provided with retractable protection screens to protect the integrity of the Sub Marine House from impacts during a storm. During normal day to day life, the communications headquarters doubles as a media room. On the upper level, each bedroom is equipped with an extensive wardrobe for the latest in flood fashion trends. The skylight above the bathroom brings natural light deep into the plan while also doubling as a gangplank. A combination chimney and conning tower provides the ideal lookout during a deluge.

House on the Top, Boat on the Bottom - Sub Marine House is the ultimate in flood mitigation. From the street, there is no indication that the house has been highly adapted - a mutation spawned by the contamination of the 2013 flood. Complete with flood fashion, air locks, periscope and anchor, the flood house is ready to quickly become a neo-ark, carrying its occupants to safety.

Typological residential elements re-interpreted for a marine environment.

Grouping of Sub Marine Houses work together to find resources - similarly to a school of fish.