Villa Ebel


Date: 2014

Status: Schematic Design

Location: Cypress County, Canada

Program: Detached House

Size: 515 m2

Budget: CAD $400 000

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Justin Loucks, Phillip Mallysh, Christopher Herman, Kinan Hewitt


The clients wish to adjust their existing farmhouse to better fit their needs as they enter semi-retirement. As such, they requested three major changes: an extension of the house to add an art studio and farm office with meeting area; a renovation of the living areas to take advantage of stunning views while improving connections between the kitchen, living and dining areas; and, the reconfiguration of the master suite to fix circulation and privacy issues within and between the bathroom, bedroom, storage, dressing and circulation areas. The extension separates access and circulation into public and private, separating the house into public, semi-public and private zones, since the new farm office could contaminate private life with public affairs. With their main farm facility – a large shed – located in the distance to the south east, they also asked that the addition address the view over the fields so that they can keep an eye on operations from a distance.


View relationship between Villa Ebel and Farm Headquarters.






Diagrams showing program zones and circulation