Batus Plaza


Date: 2013

Status: Exhibition

Location: Medicine Hat, Canada

Program: Plaza, Café Pavilion, Water Playground, Skating

Size: 1415m2

Exhibition: Thinking Hat

Lecture: Pecha Kucha Volume 3 Medicine Hat Canada

Interview: CJSW Space + Place with Amery Calvelli

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Christopher Herman


Batus Park is a small park in the center of Medicine Hat. Formerly the location of Medicine Hat’s City Hall, the original building was demolished in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, this public heart of the city was replaced by a lawn and pathway, and is separated from the street by a low brick wall. We calculated that it is a 21 second park, since that’s the amount of time it talks to walk through it and there is little else to do there. The one purpose for which it is currently well used is for occasional concerts. As such, we reimagine this park as an active public space that could support public events. Seasonal uses include a water playground in summer and a leisure skating area in winter. A park pavilion provides an outdoor cafe, serving food and beverages in the summer, and hot drinks and snacks in winter. The edges of the park are opened to the adjacent streets and thickened with a zone of urban furniture and trees.


The existing Batus Park, which can be enjoyed for 24 seconds …

transformation of the park
… is transformed into a 24 hour, four season public amenity space that recalls its history …
variations in use

… while also anticipating a wide range of activities and events.