Endless Platform rendering

Endless Platform


Date: 2012

Status: Competition (Short List)

Location: New York, USA

Program: Exhibition and Event Space

Size: 4800m2

Budget: USD $20 000

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey

Collaborators: Adam Scales


Highline on Exhibition

While the highline is widely used as an example for re-interpreting urban infrastructure, the space under the highline is both underutilized and full of potential. Endless Platform lights the underside of the bridge to create an approachable space that invites occupation. By adding a white floor and two walls a covered gallery space is created where the highline itself is at the center of the exhibition.

Endless Occupation

Parallel mirrors create an experiential representation of the continuous and connective potential of the highline; the space is extended into infinity - its occupation never ends.

Platform for Ideas

A grid of abstracted soapboxes provides an infrastructure to facilitate discussion. All visitors have the opportunity to share their ideas through diverse formats – impromptu speeches, fashion shows, protests against injustice and the marketing of luxury items.

Diagram 1



Diagram 2



Diagram - Construction