Every Closet Door


Date: 2017

Status: Competition

Location: Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco

Program: Public space, Public furniture, Ampitheater, Interactive interpretive wall, Public transit access

Size: 1600 m2

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, David Vera, Elena Bushell


Every Closet Door celebrates of the life of Harvey Milk, who encouraged gay men to come out in order to empower the movement. In order to celebrate his endeavors and accomplishments, a sculpture of colorful glass represents the broken and destroyed closet doors that he fought for. As a comprehensive design that builds upon the many layers of Harvey Milk, Every Closet Door provides an inclusive space that takes on a number of identities:

PUBLIC PLAZA - Public space that is also Event / Activity Space. The previously narrow and constricted plaza has been opened to allow for large gatherings and social activities. The majority of the plaza has been re-graded to allow a large flat plane with low steps on the west side that double as informal seating for performances and events.

MEMORIAL - Representational / Memorial Space that is interactive. Contemplative spaces, such as the mezzanine-level Cupola, co-exist with lively, fun and interactive elements that celebrate the spirit of Harvey Milk.

GATEWAY - The Plaza as an Arrival Gateway to The Castro. The site represents an important urban intersection in San Francisco and the vertical nature of the sculpture, along with the existing flag, mark the Gateway to the Castro.

INFORMATION - Interactive information displays on history and Harvey Milk, and interactive map of district. Legendary quotes by Harvey Milk are distributed across the Memorial Wall, along with audio and video archives, a message board

CIRCULATION - Functional Circulation Space as plaza, sidewalk, intersection, access to private space

TRANSIT - Arrival / Departure connecting Castro Station to Harvey Milk Plaza and The Castro including integrated design for dignified accessibility