Giant Footprint


Date: 2015

Status: Design Competition

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Program: Public Space, Infrastructure, Landscape

Exhibition: Epicenter of Tallinn at the 2015 Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Size: 48250m2

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Justin Loucks, Nina Hitzler



What to do with the space that is made available by the efficiencies and coordination of Autonomous Vehicles? Various landscapes, inspired by those that surround the city of Tallinn, are organized around the central “Victory Square”, which has been transformed into a dense Oak forest with an open central City Glade.

”Victory Square” recalls the story of Kalevipoeg - the title protagonist Giant of the Estonian epic poem. Although Kalevipoeg overlooks the advantages of his own country of Estonia, here he is vindicated with a large mystical glade in the center of the city in the shape of his own foot. This central glade can be used for various events throughout the year, or just as a quiet place to walk between the trees. Vehicles weave through the surrounding Oak forest and between low hills along a large one-way roundabout, catching various views of the buildings, landscapes, people and surrounding monuments.

The surrounding streets use the space freshly made available by better traffic coordination with a range of activity zones and Estonian inspired landscape designs. Materials include layers of limestone, sandy and rocky beaches, bogs with wooden boardwalks, pastures with meandering trails, rows of Scots Pine trees, low Alvar brush with intimate gathering areas, and shallow reflecting pools.


What are the possibilities that Autonomous Vehicles present?


How might we use these possibilities to transform the street?


Landscape Zoning


Axonometric Drawing from the North


Streets transformed as Estonian inspired landscape designs clockwise from top right: Narva Maantee as Alvar, Parnu Maantee as Klint Plateau, Viru as Stone Field, and Mere Puiestee as Bog with Wooden Boardwalks.


Central Victory Square with Giant Footprint Mystical Glade.



Central Victory Square with Giant Footprint Mystical Glade.