sky pavilion

Immaculate Reception


Date: 2014

Status: Competition (Finalist), Exhibition, Publication

Location: London, UK

Program: Pavilion

Size: 35m2

Budget: USD $12 000

Exhibition: Triumph Pavilion 2015 Opening Event

Publication: Archtriumph Sky Pavilion 2015

Team: Philip Vandermey

Collaborators: Buro AD, Design Studio Adam Scales


Throughout history the sky has held religious significance as the realm of the gods, the abode of our dreams and the destination of our prayers. As mythical figures from Icarus to the constructors of Babel discovered, hubristic goals of conquering the sky lead ultimately to tragedy. Temples around the world have always provided a physical space for humanity to gather and search for meaning.

Today we continue to send our dreams, prayers and hopes into the sky. The heavens are still the medium, only now our prayers take the form of electromagnetic waves, instant messages, emails and telephone calls; bringing us together without bringing us together. Our social contracts (and social contacts) have gone up in the air. While once the sky brought us together, now it keeps us apart.

Immaculate Reception is a space for connecting with the sky and each other. Just as translucent curtains and stained glass windows once filtered light, the metal mesh of the pavilion purifies the air of radiation and microwaves. The Inner Sanctum of this spiritual structure is a place created for the contemplation and appreciation of each other and the sky above.

A sanctuary for information overflow

The pavilion provides a sanctuary from information overflow





sky pavilion
3 renders


View from edge of park, along Inviting Carpet and within Inner Sanctum.






The temple to Immaculate Reception is oriented on a North - South axis.



how it works

Signals are blocked when the gaps in the copper shielding are smaller than the wavelengths (3KHz - 300GHz)