SPECTACLE is an internationally-oriented office working across the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and object design. As generalists we approach diverse project types and scales with a balance of expert knowledge and innovational thinking, constantly re-evaluating the potential and manifestation of architectural types and hybridizations.

We enthusiastically seek out the ambiguous gaps between the sublime and the everyday, strategic tactics and intuitive reactions, theory and execution, high and low culture, opportunistic maximization and long-term strategies, the study of history and the pursuit of progress, the discipline of architecture and its professional practice. Without differentiating between the playful and the professional, or seeing a contradiction between lateral architectural thinking and proficiency, SPECTACLE seeks opportunities to create works of architecture that critically examine and influence our cities.

Stepping Towards a Greener Tomorrow won a Royal Architectural Institute of Canada National Urban Design Award in 2024. Archinect listed SPECTACLE as one of 15 architecture firms that are defining the future of Canadian architecture in 2023. In 2017 the Tigers project won the Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Award and SPECTACLE was recognized with the Emerging Talent Award by Canadian Architect Magazine.


Philip Vandermey is an architect, urbanist, and designer. Along with Jessie Andjelic, he co-founded SPECTACLE in 2013. Philip previously worked with Barcode Architects and STAR in Rotterdam, Melvin Charney and Hal Ingberg in Montreal, Correa Moran Arquitectos in Barcelona, and MBAC in Calgary. He has contributed to work published in Canadian Architect, Architect, Mark, and MONU Magazines, and that has been awarded with two Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence, a P/A Award, and the University of Calgary RAIC Student Gold Medal. Philip has worked on a wide range of project types around the world, including museums, train stations, towers, affordable housing prototypes, villas, offices, schools, retail, hotels, public spaces, and libraries. He teaches at SAPL as an Assistant Professor, and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Jessie Andjelic has worked with notable architecture firms Sturgess Architecture in Calgary and Powerhouse Company in Rotterdam, and has led design teams on three competition wins. In 2019 Jessie received the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Young Architect Award. Her range of projects includes private houses, sports facilities, multi-family and mixed-use housing, civic centers, cinemas, university buildings, museums, train stations, public spaces, and masterplans. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2009 and was recognized with the University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design Gold Medal, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Student Gold Medal, and was nominated for the Prix de Rome for Emerging Practitioners. Jessie co-founded SPECTACLE with Philip Vandermey in 2013, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and an Assistant Professor at SAPL.


Jessie Andjelic
Philip Vandermey
Anita Gunther
Teegan Heinricks
Jordan Livermore
Veronique Ulrich
Kristin St. Arnault
Vlad Amiot*

Fabio Bonugli*
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Mark Latimer*


RAIC NUDA, Stepping Towards a Greener Tomorrow, 2024

Fourth Prize, Klackalica, Pula Kindergarten Competition, 2023

MUDA, Mention, Stepping Towards a Greener Tomorrow, 2022

Third Prize, Spectrum, Missing Middle Competition, 2019

Nomination, Tigers, German Design Award, 2019

Nomination, Passport,  New York MoMA PS1 YAP, 2018

Best of Canada, Tigers, Canadian Interiors Magazine, 2017

Runner-Up, Water Whirl, Korean DMZ Competition, 2017

Emerging Talent, SPECTACLE, Canadian Architect, 2017

Second Place, Coulee, Medicine Hat Competition, 2014

Lion’s Award, Brutal Intentions, CHA, 2014

Honorary Mention, Border Lands, SCoopA Milan, 2014