Calgary flood

River Boulevard


Date: 2014

Status: Publication, Exhibition, Lecture

Location: Calgary, Canada

Program: River Boulevard, Cafés, Restaurants, Shops, Mixed-Use Housing

Exhibition: Delugional Calgary - Urban Emergencies : Emergent Urbanism (UE:EU)

Lecture: Delugional Calgary - UE:EU, Pecha Kucha Volume 3

Publication: Avenue Magazine

Interview: CJSW Space + Place with Amery Calvelli

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Phillip Mallysh, Jamie McFadyen


The floods that inundated Southern Alberta during 2013 were the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history. During these events people showed a great deal of community spirit towards mutual recovery. Still, it seems that “once in a century” flooding events are occurring approximately every 5 years now; we live under this annual threat and its associated disruption of civic life, extensive economic damage, and endangerment of life. As the affected cities move forward there is a great deal of public interest and investment directed towards flood mitigation. Should the regeneration be limited to a functionalist agenda? Should a public buffer space be provided between private properties and the river to protect entire neighborhoods? What if we could open a public debate to discuss questions and issues revealed by the flood, as well as propose beautiful potential futures - essentially hack this disaster as an opportunity to enhance the debate around our urban spaces, buildings, planning and landscapes? Why not expand imminent investments in physical flood mitigation infrastructure as an opportunity to include resilient and beautiful social infrastructures that celebrate our rivers and create public spaces for all to enjoy? Can flood reconstruction provide an opportunity to address issues such as urban sprawl, speculative development and ecological decline?