Walking on Water


Date: 2015

Status: Research, Exhibition, Lecture

Location: Calgary, Canada

Program: Luxury Survival Capsule

Size: 0.8m2 to 2.5m2

Exhibition: Delugional Calgary - Urban Emergencies : Emergent Urbanism (UE:EU)

Lecture: Delugional Calgary - UE:EU

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, Phillip Mallysh, Jamie McFadyen


If consumerism is the new religion, then the exclusive means to rise above a disaster event is the new salvation. Premium luxury flood pods allow the privileged to enjoy life as usual during a flood.

The Walking on Water Crystalline Polymer Luxury Flood Bubble is equipped with a wide range of modern conveniences - you will hardly notice the disaster taking place around you. Patented Adjustable Privacy Level technology adjusts the level of reflectivity, simultaneously providing an air of exclusivity and protecting the user from the aging effects of sun exposure.

A Treadmill Propulsion System is enhanced with variable settings, including Manual (for maximum fitness), Power-Assist and Fully Automatic settings. Long battery life is further extended by Certified Green Solar Panels that are built into the floor of the Luxury Bubble.

Equipped to provide the ultimate levels of advanced comfort, the Hydration System keeps the user refreshed at all times. An Interaction Hatch allows for controlled and safe interactions with the wider environment. The Media and Voice Control System provides responsive control over all systems while providing video and audio entertainment throughout each journey.

The Retractable Occupant Stabilization System makes sure that the user always remains upright, even in the most extreme weather conditions, and the Tandem Connection System allows multiple Luxury Bubbles to be mated together when travelling in groups is desirable.