Water Whirl


Date: 2017

Status: Competition - Runner Up

Location: Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea

Program: Shared / Men's / Women's Spas, Restaurant, Cinema / Seminar, Fitness, Shared Spa, Fomentation Rooms, Sleeping Rooms. Children's Waterpark, Games / Entertainment and Central Pool

Size: 9900m2

Team: Jessie Andjelic, Philip Vandermey, David Schiwy, Yanja Tumurbaatar, Vincent Cheng

Model: Adam Scales and Sybren Woudstra


The addition of a bathhouse introduces leisure activities within the militarized buffer zone and ecological sanctuary of the DMZ.

Water Whirl takes two existing spatial conditions - firstly the void of the DMZ, a space across which transgressions, propaganda, posturing and political relations are constantly played out, and, secondly, the highly charged negotiation spaces within the blue meeting houses in the JSA / Panmunjom - and reinterprets them into an architectural machine that uses playful spatial devices towards productive interaction and reconciliation. Using the expanded functions of a large Jimjilbang enables the programmatic exuberance to provide variety and critical mass.